Natalie Rae Good lives and works in rural New Mexico. She is interested in time, its passage and traces left behind, the earth's natural cycles, maps, memory. Natalie works in print, clay, and performance and enjoys making all sorts of objects that attempt to bear witness / collect record of brief moments in the earth’s own daily self-reinvention.

Natalie has shown drawings, prints, and sculptural installations in venues in New York, Virginia, Oregon, Michigan, New Mexico, and Ohio. She has participated in projects with the Moving Crew artists group and has collaborated with Rob Andrews for performances at Exit Art, RUSH Arts, and English Kills in New York. She teaches workshops in cyanotype and letterpress and runs a custom letterpress printing business, Etc. Letterpress.

Natalie has worked at various arts institutions including the Chinati Foundation in Marfa, TX, David Zwirner in New York, NY, and Star Axis in Las Vegas, NM. She continues to work as an art handler, courier, exhibit designer, and shipping coordinator for traveling exhibitions around the country.


The cyanotypes represented here are records of transient moments and act as a visual memory of a plant’s shadow come and gone. These images are made in the wild and are not manipulated. In many of the works from this series, the movement of the objects in range creates a completely obscured image. They are made ethereal by each gust of wind and angle of sun.


Seen / Salt Flats is a series of large transfers (22 X 30, 30X40 on Rives BFK) produced by collaging hundreds of screenshots produced by Google Satellite of the area surrounding the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Transfers are partnered with packets which articulate the fragmenting influence of technology on our understanding of cartography and space.


Fern / Sun Dial is an ongoing project wherein a frond’s shadow in painted repeatedly, on the hour, as the sun moves through a window.